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You Don't Have to Eliminate Legacy Windows Apps to Stay on the Cutting Edge

November 11, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

In a recent conversation with one of the end-user device (EUD) industry’s leading analysts, he quipped, "After the apocalypse, three things will still be around: cockroaches, Twinkies and legacy Windows apps."

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Can You Really Deploy Cameyo in Minutes?

October 12, 2020
By Brandon Lee

When tasked with empowering remote workers with a solution that allows them to easily access the business applications they need for productivity, time is generally of the essence.  Earlier this year when the global pandemic hit, many businesses had to scramble to come up with a solution to allow remote access for employees quickly. 

However, when looking at properly designing and deploying...

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Cameyo Named a 2020 SaaS Awards Finalist in 2 Categories

August 04, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

Here at Cameyo, we tend to be maniacally focused on helping our customers enable remote work and complete their shift to the cloud by enabling access to all of their apps from anywhere. Our customers’ success is our success. We’re not in it for the awards.  

But hey, that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate awards when the opportunity comes along. 

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