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Stop Installing Windows Labs!

June 21, 2018
By Jordan Pusey

Cameyo offers access to Windows applications on demand to empower cloud learning. Existing Windows labs are an expensive way to teach life skills to students. Why not take these software titles to the cloud and offer labs at any location on any device including Chromebook with Cameyo?

Offering applied skills to students involves an IT administrator imaging and configuring a Windows PC lab which is slow, expensive and outdated. In th

hand drawing Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept

e days of one-to-one computing and distance learning, there is no need for Windows on a lab machine, or for that matter a lab altogether. 

Click here to see how Homer Central School District of New York eliminated their PC Labs.

Cameyo offers a new way to get Windows software to students on any device at any location. Offer labs that teach practical skills with MS Office, Adobe, AutoCAD, MS Visual Studio, and thousands of other Windows titles in any classroom, any location with any device including Chromebook. 

And with the company's recently announced Cameyo for G Suite service, Google customers are now able to run Windows applications to students, faculty and staff to any device by simply logging in with their Google sign in. Apps, Google Drive folders and printers are accessed based on permissions set in Google Admin. Through an integration with Google Cloud Print, users simply print to their designated printers.

Save your institution some serious budget and move to a modern lab by fall term.

To start a free trial of Cameyo and claim your education discount, click here


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