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So, what’s next?

February 15, 2013
By Eyal Dotan

The next major version of Cameyo is making great progress. Since it brings so many big changes, it is not expected for general availability before a few more months. Still, there will be an early Beta offered for volunteers who have a Cameyo account.
We’ll send out a newsletter when the Beta program opens. Here’s a brief description of the new version’s features:

    • FAST! The Cameyo package file format is being redesigned with performance in mind. The “ZIP” format will be replaced with a proprietary, optimized file format which improves the virtualization engine’s retrieval of virtual files, and also fast editing of virtual pacakges. The virtual registry pre-extraction will no longer occur either, making virtual packages launch even faster upon first run.
    • Two virtualization modes:

    • RAM mode: virtual apps will be running directly from memory, without being pre-extracted to disk.
    • Disk mode: just like today, virtual application files will be first extracted to disk and then used. This usage scenario is still the most optimized for frequently-used apps (or apps used over the network).
  • Virtual registry keys will no longer be pre-extracted (except on Windows XP).
  • Program’s files will be stored in a different location than data (changed) files.
  • The above will make Cameyo apps more terminal server friendly.
  • Auto-update feature will be released.
  • Password / certificate protection for protecting against editing of virtual apps that you create.
  • Hopefully, some additional things too. But can’t commit on these just yet…

Still not sure whether the version will be named “2.5” or “3.0”, but one thing’s for sure: this new version will bring big improvements.
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