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OnShip Delivers Their Shipping Software as a Service with Cameyo

May 20, 2020
By Cameyo

In addition to enabling  companies to simplify remote work and ease their cloud migration by providing their people with access to business-critical applications from the browser, Cameyo also helps independent software vendors (ISVs) cloud-enable their applications so that they can deliver them as a service. And today we announced that OnShip, a leading provider of parcel and freight transportation management software, selected Cameyo to enable their new OnShip Cloud offering. OnShip Blog Post

OnShip includes all the features and functionality of Fortune 1000 shipping software in an easily configurable and affordable package that is accessible for companies of any size. The software of OnShip is currently used by hundreds of businesses to streamline workflows, reduce expenses, and maximize bottom-line revenues. But increasingly, OnShip’s customers needed the ability to quickly deploy OnShip to all employees who needed access across a corporate office and in multiple shipping locations.

“We built OnShip to make powerful shipping software available for organizations of any size. When our customers began asking for any time, anywhere access to the software, we knew we needed to web-enable OnShip and make it available via the cloud,” said Jay Rajcevich, President of The OnShip Group, Inc. 

But to completely redevelop the application for the web would have taken months and require a significant financial investment. It also would have resulted in a web version without full-featured parity to their powerful premise-based software, which was a non-starter for OnShip.

“With Cameyo, we were able to make our full software version of OnShip available, across an enterprise, at any time, via a web browser. The customer experience doesn’t change one bit, and there’s nothing new they need to learn…that’s critically important,” said Rajcevich.

“OnShip Cloud is the result of OnShip’s commitment to constantly enhance their platform’s capabilities without compromising their users’ experience,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder, and CEO of Cameyo. “The launch of OnShip Cloud via Cameyo gives organizations of all size access to incredibly powerful and efficient shipping software, now simply and securely available. And as they continue to offer new capabilities over time, OnShip Cloud can provide users with instant access to those features without having to manage updates.”

To learn more about how OnShip web-enabled its software with Cameyo to simplify shipping for organizations of all sizes, read the full announcement here

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