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Top Remote Work Stats for October 2020

October 20, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

These days, the situation on the ground is changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. Nowhere is that state of flux more apparent than in the workplace, which continues to see a shift to remote and work-from-home models. 

To help keep things in perspective, let's take a look at some of more surprising and exciting stats on remote work from recent months. The trends that they highlight...

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The Value of Digital Workspaces in Education — Now and in the Future

October 14, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

As schools get back into session, they find themselves adjusting to a set of circumstances they've never faced before. The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled K-12 institutions—plus colleges and universities—around the world to adopt distance learning models on a scale that most had never envisioned.

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Reducing the Attack Surface for Remote Workers

October 07, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

With the majority of the world's workforce shifting to remote work over the past 7 months, organizations are finding that their attack surface has grown significantly. Recently a spate of reports have come out identifying a massive spike in attacks targeted at remote workers, including: 

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Virtual Desktops or Virtual Apps? A Case Study

October 06, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

If there's one thing that's clear, it's that there isn't much clarity on the definition of "Digital Workspaces." To some, that means providing a full virtual desktop to every user. Here at Cameyo, our focus when it comes to providing a Digital Workspace is to make sure everyone has access to all of the apps they need to be productive from anywhere, on any device. 

But to clarify - that doesn't...

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34 School Districts Adopt Cameyo in 30 Days for Distance Learning

September 30, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

Hands down the most rewarding part of this job is being able to help organizations overcome seemingly insurmountable issues so that they can continue to serve their customers/constituents. And while we've seen this type of situation across many industries - from financial services to the energy sector and everything in between - perhaps the greatest sense of urgency we've seen has come from...

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Introducing Cameyo's Global Partner Program

September 23, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

As every organization makes the shift to adopting remote work as part of their long-term strategy, Cameyo has benefited greatly from our strategic channel partners who have helped us scale to meet the demand for simple, secure digital workspaces. Which is why we're so excited to announce that today we've introduced our first official Global Partner Program, designed specifically to help...

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Why we're excited to be IGEL Ready

September 16, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

As you may have seen, this morning we announced that we've partnered with IGEL, joining their IGEL Ready program as a technology partner. At first glance, the announcement may seem pretty straightforward - two companies who share a mission to deliver productive digital workspaces are joining up to make it even more simple, secure, and cost-effective to deliver business-critical apps to anyone,...

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Protecting Against the Spike in Remote Work-Focused Ransomware

August 25, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

A recent post from Catalin Cimpanu (@campuscodi) at ZDnet cites two separate reports - both of which highlight the fact that ransomware attacks are at an all-time high as ransomware groups target remote workers. 

According to two recent reports in recent weeks from Coveware and Emisoft, even though there have been highly-public attacks targeting unpatched Citrix servers and Pulse Secure VPN...

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4 Tips for Dealing with WFH Fatigue

August 12, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

As we enter the sixth month since the initial shelter-in-place orders went into effect, and with COVID-19 cases once again on the rise, it has become increasingly clear to most organizations that they will need to continue to support a work-from-home model for the foreseeable future. This is, of course, understandable and beneficial from a public health perspective, but that doesn’t change one...

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Cameyo Named a 2020 SaaS Awards Finalist in 2 Categories

August 04, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

Here at Cameyo, we tend to be maniacally focused on helping our customers enable remote work and complete their shift to the cloud by enabling access to all of their apps from anywhere. Our customers’ success is our success. We’re not in it for the awards.  

But hey, that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate awards when the opportunity comes along. 

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