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Brandon Lee runs, which he launched to share the knowledge he's gained from 18+ years of IT experience working for mom and pop shops, education, manufacturing, and Fortune 500 companies, as well as consulting for various technology companies.
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The Challenge of Managed vs. Un-Managed Devices in Remote Work

December 21, 2020
By Brandon Lee

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people work, go to school, and socialize.  Keying in on businesses, organizations have had many changes and adjustments to make this year that have affected business-continuity across the board.  Remote work has become the new normal of how employees carry out everyday tasks. The shift to remote work has exposed many...

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SaaS is Eating the World, But Many Orgs Still Can't Abandon Legacy Apps

December 07, 2020
By Brandon Lee

Since the beginning of the cloud revolution over the past decade, businesses worldwide have contemplated the best path for the technology driving their business.  For the past several years, vendors, resellers, and solutions providers have touted the cloud as the "end all be all" for solving modern technology challenges.  However, many organizations have invested fortunes to customize and...

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How MSPs Can Leverage Virtual App Delivery

November 17, 2020
By Brandon Lee

At this point in the ongoing pandemic, almost every organization has had to adopt and rely on some level of new technology solutions just to ensure they can continue to carry out business-critical activities with a highly distributed workforce. 

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Why Security Must Be Designed Into the Core of Your Digital Workspace

October 22, 2020
By Brandon Lee

There are several key concepts that are important for organizations to think through when transitioning to a digital workspace for enabling remote work. But regardless of what industry you're in, one of the most important elements to pay attention to when you're evaluating a digital workspace solution is security.  As hackers increasingly target remote workers as an entry point into corporate...

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Can You Really Deploy Cameyo in Minutes?

October 12, 2020
By Brandon Lee

When tasked with empowering remote workers with a solution that allows them to easily access the business applications they need for productivity, time is generally of the essence.  Earlier this year when the global pandemic hit, many businesses had to scramble to come up with a solution to allow remote access for employees quickly. 

However, when looking at properly designing and deploying...

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Why Different Approaches to Digital Workspaces Are Good for the Market

September 17, 2020
By Brandon Lee

To say there are many different approaches to providing solutions for your employees to work remotely would be a huge understatement.  There are literally myriads of solutions on the market that offer remote connectivity capabilities for remote employees to carry out business-critical tasks.

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Why It's Time to Move Beyond VPNs for Secure Remote Work

September 08, 2020
By Brandon Lee

Since the beginning of this year, organizations have been under increased pressure to provide quick and effective ways to allow employees to effectively shift from working in the office to working at home.  Many organizations had to scramble to provision infrastructure and technologies that allow employees to remotely connect to business-critical resources. 

While some businesses may have...

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The Scalable Digital Workspace

August 31, 2020
By Brandon Lee

There are many important topics the global pandemic of COVID-19 has brought into clear focus.  One of those important topics is how organizations deliver applications, data, and remote desktops to remote employees.  Even before the pandemic, organizations had seen the benefits of creating a digital workspace that brings technology tools together in a seamless way.

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Which is Right For You - Single-Session or Multi-Session?

August 20, 2020
By Brandon Lee

There are many decisions that organizations must make when deciding how to provide business-critical applications to remote employees effectively and efficiently.  This includes the technical architecture of the solution chosen to deliver these applications to end-users and business stakeholders.

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Is It Time to Re-Evaluate the Security of Your Remote Work Solutions?

August 06, 2020
By Brandon Lee

Your organization, like many, has no doubt undergone a tremendous change in the way employees carry out their daily tasks since the beginning of the year.  As the shift for the majority has been to a remote workforce, organizations have had to adapt to the needs at hand due to COVID-19.

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