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Are You Ready for the New Normal?

May 28, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

Just a couple of months ago, most IT departments were forced to scramble to enable remote work for most (if not all) of their workforces. While some viewed that as a temporary challenge at the time, it is now universally clear that people working from home is part of the new normal moving forward. 

But the “new normal” is a term that being thrown around a lot right now, so what does that...

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The Environmental Impact of Remote Work as the New Normal

May 27, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

While Twitter and Shopify may have been among the first large companies to announce that they will be allowing their employees to work from home permanently, they certainly won't be the last. In fact, the list of companies who have announced a permanent change to remote work just keeps getting longer. 

So much so, that we're approaching the point in history where companies will no longer need...

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How EasyPower Increased Software Trials by 400%

May 21, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

Most software companies have a similar goal when it comes to marketing to new customers – make it as easy as possible for prospects to demo/trial your software. The sooner the potential customer can experience the power of your solution for themselves, the shorter the sales cycle will be. 

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OnShip Delivers Their Shipping Software as a Service with Cameyo

May 20, 2020
By Cameyo

In addition to enabling  companies to simplify remote work and ease their cloud migration by providing their people with access to business-critical applications from the browser, Cameyo also helps independent software vendors (ISVs) cloud-enable their applications so that they can deliver them as a service. And today we announced that OnShip, a leading provider of parcel and freight...

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Why the Time for Digital Transformation Is Now

May 19, 2020
By Guest Author

When was the last time you re-evaluated your digital strategy? Even companies that have reworked their digital toolboxes in the past few years may be overdue for a refresh. According to a recent survey—which polled nearly 1000 office workers about their offices’ equipment—over half of employees believe their technology is outdated and impacts their ability to work productively. 

To a certain...

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VPNs Were a Temporary Fix, But Its Time for a Long-Term WFH Strategy

May 14, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

This week Twitter became the first large company to formally announce that their employees can continue to work from home forever. But rest assured they are far from the last company to make an announcement like this. Everywhere you look there are new surveys and reports stating that companies are making similar long-term or permanent remote work plans. For example, this survey from Gartner...

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Securely Accessing Virtual Apps with Cameyo and Chrome Enterprise

May 12, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

As organizations shift to remote work, VDI, DaaS, and VPNs are straining to keep up, especially when using newer technologies like Chromebooks. Chrome Enterprise has long partnered with Cameyo to make it simple and secure to provide your people with access to the critical legacy Windows applications that they need to stay productive – even if those apps haven’t been web-enabled - directly from...

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How to SaaSify Your Apps - Moving to the Cloud with Cameyo

May 08, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

Being able to deliver your software from the cloud via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model is becoming more and more critical for most software vendors. But too often, independent software vendors (ISVs) find the process of redeveloping their desktop software for the web is far too expensive, too time-consuming, and doesn’t deliver the same user experience their customers are used to. 

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Remote Work is Here to Stay - Don’t Settle for a Temporary Fix

May 07, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

A recent survey from CNBC & Change Research found that 42% of respondents nationwide are working from home – a significant increase from the 9% who say they worked “completely from home” before the pandemic. And it has been interesting to witness the evolution of the conversation that organizations have been having about this major shift to remote work. There have been a few notable phases in...

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Retail Chain Replaces Citrix with Cameyo

April 28, 2020
By Robb Henshaw

While there is a lot of talk in the industry about virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) products, those products (like Citrix, VMware, and Nutanix) simply don't work for many organizations' needs. We talk to companies every day who have tried those technologies and either:

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