How the Stuxnet virus inspired Cameyo’s next version

Writing viruses & malware is among the less honorable activities a developer can do. Not only because it blindly targets random users (=vandalism), but also because 99% of virus writers just modify existing samples, without truly being the “genius geeks” that some people think they are. Yet from time to time some virus creations stand out …

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Cameyo 2.0 (geeks only!)

Cameyo 2.0 is now out of Beta. It is now linked to the cloud Cameyo Online service & library, supports Windows 8, and brings many goodies which you can read here. I won’t go over these in this article. Instead, I would like to take you on a tour into an advanced aspect of Cameyo 2.0 …

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Welcome, Windows 8 !

Cameyo 2.0 will support Windows 8. But beyond that, I would like to show you a prototype of Cameyo Metro – a Metro-style console designed to let you deploy & manage Cameyo apps on different computers. Be it your company’s IT, or your friends & family, you can now deploy virtual apps without having to …

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Cameyo 2.0 Beta

The latest Cameyo 2.0 Beta contains a secret feature. No, it’s not the clicking-on-the-logo trick (which now displays the version number). It’s virtual services & drivers support. It is hidden because it’s still experimental. Not sure whether it will be unhidden for the official 2.0 version yet. To activate it with apps generated by build >= …

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1.8 has been renamed to 2.0. I think that by looking at the Beta, you’ll understand why. The product’s features & UI have been largely refreshed.Please give the Beta a try, and post your comments.The Beta’s expected to take a while, to make sure everything works fine.Enjoy, and don’t forget to write!

Cameyo 1.8

Version 1.8’s main items can be summarized as:– Integration with Cameyo Online’s account & library.– “My cloud apps”: apps you can use from any PC.– New UI.– Auto-update for managed (cloud) apps.– Virtual integration mode, where apps can be seen as integrated into Windows (including Start menu items, file associations, shortcuts). Here’s a quick preview:

My little misadventure with Windows (and how portable apps helped me)

Some of you may have noticed that Dropbox support is already integrated in 1.7.634. Run your apps directly from your Dropbox folder, and Cameyo will automatically set its file & registry repository on your Dropbox. I’d like to share with you something. This week my computer crashed. My Windows profile did not come up anymore …

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